Beneath vaulted domed ceilings and stone arches, the “Womb Room” hall is a magnificent yet cozy space that can be rented for workshops, lectures and performances. It is a perfect venue for seminars in art, photography, healing, meditation, movement, yoga and sacred studies. We can arrange for lectures with local experts in kabbalah and mysticism.

A beautiful prayer sanctuary, The Womb Room is an ideal setting for egalitarian prayer services and Bar/Bat Mitzvah ceremonies. It has hosted intimate performances of music and theater, melaveh malkah celebrations, dances with klezmer and Hasidic music, and can also be utilized as a private banquet hall.

The Womb Room can be rented out for half day, full day or several day retreats. A spacious 50 square meters, the hall can accommodate 30-40 people depending on the activity.

We can provide refreshments and media equipment such as projector, screen and sound system.

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