Hot Winter Sale at The Way Inn boutique hotel

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First night on midweek – 10% off

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Second night on midweek – 25% off

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The accommodation includes:

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Breakfast at the chef’s restaurant.

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Use of our authentic and pampering Turkish Hammam.


To redeem the offer, please contact the hotel reception: +972-73-775-0045 – Monika

* Excludes weekends and holidays.
* No double discounts.

Contact Us Now.

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A private sanctuary

In the picturesque Artists’ Quarter of the ancient city of kabbalah, down a secluded cobblestone alley, is your Way Inn to the heart of Safed at a hotel blending boutique design with the inntimacy of family hospitality.

A place to renew

To savor the tranquil, mystical, magical atmosphere of Safed and the delicious food of Chef Rony BarEl, who along with his wife Genine (Gita Zohara), converted their 250 year old home into an innchanting retreat.

Ancient stone buildings, tucked between sheltered courtyards, house seven stunning studio and family suites. The decor of the suites is inspired by the sephirot of the kabbalistic Tree of Life and adorned with the artistry of local craftsmen, vintage furniture and eclectic pieces. Guests enjoy luxury accommodation, Galilee mountain views, magnificent sunsets on rooftop patios, delicious breakfasts in the hotel restaurant, a Turkish hammam and spa and The Womb Room, a beautiful meeting space that can be rented for private events. Rent the entire compound and have your own private Safed estate.

To redeem the offer, please contact the hotel reception: +972-73-775-0045 – Monika