Activities we offer to make your stay in Safed even more inncredible:

Lectures and performances are held in our Womb Room meeting hall.

Contact our office for prices and to reserve your event.

Email: info@thewayinn.co.il, tel: +972 4 657 9984, +972 52 688 1116

Shabbat experience in Safed – Sabbath takes on an added dimension in magical Safed with Friday dinner, Shabbat lunch or “seudah shlishit” (third meal) at The Way Inn. We can arrange for speakers or local guests to join your group for a meal and talk about Safed’s unique connection to Shabbat. Send off the Shabbat with a ‘Melaveh Malkah’ party – a dessert and/or wine & cheese buffet with dancing to live music. Minimum 20 persons.

Erev Hasidi (1 hour): Hasidic music & storytelling with klezmer violinist.

“Innside Safed” (1.5-2 hours): intimate tour of Safed, meeting the artists and creative personalities of Safed in their galleries, wineries and cheese factories.

Safed sacred sites with Kabbalah study, meditation and chanting (1.5-2 hours):
In Safed: the cave of Rabbi Caro, Hannah (by foot)
Around Safed: tombs of Raba and Abaya Rabbi Yossi Hagalil (requires transportation)
Meron: tomb and synagogue of Shamai, tomb of Rabbi Shimon (requires transportation)
* can include hiking in nature at sites outside of Safed
* night tour with candles for groups of up to 10 persons

Lecture on kabbalah, Jewish mysticism and practice (45 minutes-1 hour).

Cooking class with Chef Rony BarEl (2-3 hours): gourmet vegetarian & Israeli Mediterranean cuisine.
Add-on: visits to local culinary destinations – wineries, cheese factories.

Performance of “The Wondering Jew” (1 hour): a one-woman show by Genine Gita BarEl telling the humorous, poignant story of  her  journey home.

Candle making workshop (1 hour): min. 15 persons




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