A good vacation addresses the needs of body and spirit.

The Way Inn offers guests a personalized spa experience that will heal your body, calm your mind and soothe your spirit.  Highly skilled and sensitive practitioners provide a range of approaches to rebalance, tune and harmonize your body from the outside in.

Visit our hammam and allow the healing warmth and steam of a Turkish bath to open your pores and release toxins. A traditional hammam treatment is the ultimate rejuvenator with a scrub and body exfoliation on a heated marble table to cleanse and revive you.

rom relaxing ayurvedic massage to penetrating deep tissue massage, Japanese shiatsu to Thai massage, craniosacral therapy for your head to reflexology for your feet … select the treatment that best suits you. Our house specialty, the All the Way Inn treatment, combines holistic massage with warm oils and hot stones for ultimate healing. A four handed massage is both fun and therapeutic as you learn technique while assisting the therapist in massaging your partner.

It is best to book massages a week in advance.

Spa treatments and packages are available for non-residential guests.

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