Galilee Attractions

The Galilee and Golan Heights are full of beautiful hikes in nature,
charming villages and kibbutzim, excellent wineries & restaurants,
all within 25-45 minutes drive from Safed. Highlights are the Sea of Galilee (swimming May-Nov), Jordan River (rafting, kayaking), Hula Valley (birdwatching), Mount Hermon (skiing in winter), Banias and Tel Dan Nature Reserves, Hot Springs in Tiberias & Hamat Gader and lookouts over the Syrian and Lebanese borders.
You can easily spend a week exploring and enjoying the beautiful north of Israel.

Family Activities (Most open Saturday unless noted)


Kfar Blum: 04-6902616 (10-16:00)
Hagoshrim: 04-6816035 (9-16:30) Driving distance from hotel: 45 minutes. Both open Sunday-Saturday,
Abu Kayak at Park HaYarden offers a tamer route and is only a 27 minute drive from hotel. 04-692-1078, open 9:00-16:00 Sunday-Friday. Closed Saturday.
Rob Roy offers kayaking on a calm, beautiful stretch of the Jordan river. Nice chill zone with live music Friday afternoons. 052-2413176. From hotel: 50 minutes

Lake Kinneret (Sea of Galilee) – recommended beaches for swimming: Amnon, Hukuk, Migdal, Ginossar, Gai Beach water park & Bora Bora.

Hamat Gader Hot Springs 04-665-9999
For children: Mini safari, petting zoo, crocodile farm, parrot show and water park.
The thermo-mineral springs here have been valued for their healing properties since Roman times. The site has numerous pools of different temperatures, jacuzzis and treatment rooms.

Bat Yaar Ranch – Amuka 04-6921788
Horseback riding, Jeep tours, archery range, rope course. Meat restaurant.
Driving distance from hotel: 10 minutes
Horseback riding also at Vered Hagalil, 18 min drive from hotel.

Hula Lake Nature Reserve – 04-6817137
Internationally acclaimed bird watching park, over 500 million birds, no less than 390 species, pass through each year on their migration route between Europe, Africa and Asia. Rent a bicycle or electric family vehicle or take a nature tours – sunrise/sunset tours. Driving distance from hotel: 35 minutes.


At Ancient Katzrin Park, a partially restored Talmudic-era village dating from the 4th-6th centuries, step inside houses and a synagogue, watch an audiovisual presentation and see seasonal demonstrations of wine, olive oil and pita preparation.

Golan Archeological Museum features relics of Byzantine-era churches and synagogues and an audiovisual presentation of the heroic defense of Gamla against Roman forces one year before the better-known standoff at Masada in 67 CE.

Olea Essence, also in Katzrin, produces organic extra virgin olive oils as well as olive-oil-based skin-care products. A guided tour explains olive harvesting and ends with tastings.

Manara Cliff  – 04-690583
Manara Cliff has the longest cable car in Israel and a variety of activities and adventures for all ages: Omega, slides, abseiling, climbing wall. Driving distance from hotel: 40 min.

Kurlander Dairy Farm,  Moshav Beit Hillel – 052-4585058
Guided tour (20-30 min) will teach you all there is to know about raising dairy cows. Kids get to milk cows, bottle-feed calves, taste fresh chocolate milk. Also tastings of cheese and organic olive oil. Driving distance from our hotel: 40 minutes, not far from Manara cliff.

Living Lake, Kibbutz Yiron – 04-6868304
Near Mount Meron nature reserve in a beautiful wooded area is a lovely lake and recreation resort with an animal education center, petting zoo, pedal boats, playground and cafe. Driving distance from hotel: 25 minutes. (Good for little ones).

Amud River

Length of the route: 3.5 km, 3-5 hours. Difficulty: Moderate – suitable for families.

Distance from The Way Inn: 15 minutes by car.

Directions from Safed: go to road 89, pass Ein Zeitim junction, drive slowly to the entrance of Kadita, where you turn right to the dirt area and park the vehicle. Cross the road to the gate that leads to the hike.

Wadi Rosh Pina

Length of the route: 3 km, 1-3 hours,.  Difficulty: easy

Distance from The Way Inn: 15 minute drive.

Directions from Safed: Drive route 8900 to Rosh Pina, turn left on Hachalutzim St. toward the cemetery, park the car and continue on the gravel path up the wadi.

The Jordan River

Length of the route: 2 – 8 km (can be entered with a private vehicle), 2-4 hours.

Difficulty: easy.  Distance from The Way Inn: half hour drive.

Directions from Safed: Take road 90 north, at Mahanayim Junction turn right onto road 91, past Kibbutz Gadot and after about a kilometer the road curves to a sharp bend to the left. Prior to the bend there is a sign “Jordan Mountain” inviting to enter the gravel path.

The Hanging Bridge In Banias

Length of the route: 05. Km, Level of difficulty: easy and short.

Location: Near the entrance road to Kibbutz Snir.

Directions from Safed: Take Route 90 and turn right at the Nehemia junction to Route 99, pass by Kibbutz Dan and Snir, and turn right towards the Banias Waterfall.

Water Hikes - In the Galilee/Golan - 7 hikes perfect for cooling off in hot weather

Nahal Snir

Our favorite family excursion, is a beautiful water hike over giant tree roots along a rushing river. The trail through Nahal Snir leads along the popular Israel Trail. As you climb over rocks, you’ll see an entire ecosystem of natural beauty under a cool canopy of shade. This water hike is pretty popular, so get there early on a summer day.

Nahal El Al

For a short and sweet waterfall walk head down to the Black Waterfall, a beautiful pool in a canyon made of black rock. Swim and relax and when you are ready, turn around and go back the way you came to make it a short hike. OR continue along El Al Stream to the White Waterfall for a more challenging water adventure.


The quintessential Israeli summer water hike. This short trail leads hikers under a beautiful canopy of trees, right through a bubbling stream. The first part of the trail is for everyone but the second part of the trail heads through deep water for swimmers only.

Alongside the stream is a wheelchair accessible/stroller friendly path, making it a good option for families with small children.

Yehudiya Falls

At Yehudiya, you can follow a trail past antiquities, to beautiful views, and down to an large waterfall pool at the bottom. It’s shady and cool and you can relax there for hours. Be prepared for a hike up the hill to the trailhead.

Nahal Kziv

Considered by some to be the most beautiful long water hike in Northern Israel.

From an ancient crusader fortress and stunning views of the surrounding area, to a long and lazy riverbed path, it’s a great way to spend a day out in nature. You’ll keep cool under the thick canopy of trees that covers the stream the whole way through.

Banias Springs Trail
Continue past Banias Falls and you arrive at Banias Springs. This 4 kilometer hike is not difficult, but is very beautiful with scenery similar to Banias Falls, without all the tourists !

Ein Maimon
For those seeking solitude and an off-the-beaten track who don’t mind a tough 40-minute climb. Take Rt. 959 eastward from Kibbutz Gonen and stop the car at the very first turn. Follow the blue hiking trail all the way up and around to the eucalyptus forest where you find lots of flowing water. Head up and to the right to find a manmade pool with benches and a picnic table. It was dedicated by a group of Nahal soldiers in memory of Tzachi Krispas, a comrade who fell in the Second Lebanon War.

Lovely Springs - within one and half hour driving from Safed

Gan Hashlosha (Sachne) – 1 hour and 15 minutes from Safed.

With beautiful pools shaded by lush palm trees and green lawns, Gan Hashlosha is very popular (so come early)!

A spring with water at a constant 28 degrees Celcius, flows into natural pools which have been widened by man to create a popular swimming destination year-round.

You can spend the entire day relaxing and exploring history with an on-site archaeology museum and restored tower and stockade from the early days of the state. Combine with a visit to Mount Gilboa.

Nahal Hakibbutzim – 1 hour and 20 minutes from Safed.

Located in the water-rich Beit Shean Valley, by Rt. 669,this series of streams is formed by water from a couple of local springs, Ein Homa and Ein Shokek, and it isn’t hard to find an isolated spot along its banks. Access is eased by rental bikes or golf carts; otherwise, it can be a 1.8-kilometer walk in the heat. Entry is via the traffic circle at the entrance to Sachne. Combine with a visit to Beit Shean’s fantastic Roman antiquities.

Ein Aviel – 1 hour and 30 minute drive from Safed.

Near Zichron Yaakov and the Carmel mountain range, sitting at this spring, you feel you are indoors – with walls and ceiling provided by overgrown reeds. This cool gem is off of Rt. 654, on the way toward Moshav Aviel. Where the asphalt road takes an abrupt 90-degree right turn, continue off-road for 100 meters to the loquat orchard, then turn right for 200 meters and look for the reeds.

Ein Yizrael (Jezreel) – 1 hour and 10 minutes from Safed.

Near Afula, the ancient Spring of Jezreel is mentioned in 1 Kings 2. The verses come to life beneath the eucalyptus trees that shade this 35-by-25 meter pool, because the cold spring waters here are flowing next door to the Iron Age palace of Ahab and his queen Jezebel. Take Rt. 675 past Kibbutz Yizrael, continue 2 kilometers and turn left onto the dirt road with the blue trail marker, then a sharp left until the next right turn toward the eucalyptus grove.

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